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GM Console-enabled Missions

posted Mar 13, 2012 03:31:38 by ThomasTaylorMansfield
I know there's tons of great mission scripters out there. (I know I said I was working on a scripting editor, I'll work on it this summer, I promise.) I know we're all really excited to try out the new GM console in the 1.61 release, so please post links to your GM-console enabled missions here.
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edmundrw said Mar 14, 2012 11:57:48
We are still waiting with bated breath for that editor, just to let you know. Cant wait to see some GM missions. Are there any packaged with 1.61?
Hissatsu said Mar 14, 2012 13:18:09
Yep, one.

It starts as a blank space with 3 stations, and allows GM to spawn/remove in a small-sized chosen area:
- nebulas
- asteroids

It allows GM to spawn one fleetless ("solo") enemy ship of any hull/race combination present in game (of course more than one can be present at the map at a single moment of time)

It allows GM to destroy any object (ship/station), move any object, and change any ship AI to only "care about" stations/only target player.
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