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I made A Thing for mission scripting

posted Mar 09, 2012 19:37:49 by CaptainZach
Hey everyone, I've just gotten started writing a mission for Artemis, and I made a tool to help me visualize where objects are on the map.

Artemis missions are on a 100000 x 100000 grid, with X=0,Z=0 in the upper-right. It's a little counter-intuitive to me, so I made this graph to help with placing objects.

If this is even remotely useful, feel free to download it and make edits or whatever for your missions.

EDIT: welp, something happened with the link, so here's a direct link if the picture fails to render:
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DrTwitch said Mar 09, 2012 20:58:37
---- ---- ----
here come the drums
Wacko said Jul 03, 2012 00:48:29
Yes, this super helpful, thank you so much!
Altaem said Jul 03, 2012 06:49:38
Thank you. It's odd how counter intuitive 0,0 at top right can be.

Edit: Just checked the Cartesian coordinate system in Wikipedia and Deled 3D. Looks like Artemis's X axis is backwards.
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drvesuvius said Jul 03, 2012 16:06:58
Both X and Z are backwards.

Hey, I guess Artemis is just in a mirror universe. Everyone grow a goatee, quick!

(Actually, we're just looking at the sector upside-down. Turn that graph 180degrees and everything's nice and cartesian again. Or just imagine a minus-sign in front of every co-ordinate number)

Dr V

PS Thanks to the OP for creating the graph, oh and hi everyone.
CaptainZach said Jul 03, 2012 17:59:17
I made the graph just before Hissatsu released the alpha of his map editor. The map editor is a really nifty tool, but I made this graph as a quick way of visualizing how I want a mission script laid out, e.g. "asteroids a1-C4, bad guys enter from D2, station in C1" etc, then translate that to coordinates.
avbeeri said Jul 03, 2012 19:10:06
Hissatsu's tool is nice, but this is a good teaching tool for starting to script. I can't use the main mission scripting tool, because it runs poorly under wine, but while the map editor does work, i still do a lot of xml coding, so this really helps.
nimmog said Sep 12, 2012 13:23:27
Hi CaptainZach,

Just wanted to add in a big thanks for this. About to start an after school games design club and we will be looking mostly at mission editing in Artemis and if you don't mind I would love to be able to print out a few of these for each pupil to help them plan the layout of any missions that they create.

Whilst I have seen the mission editting tool that's there I think there's a lot to be said for being able to get ideas jotted down on paper before sticking it all on a computer.

Thanks again for this great wee aid!
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