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Artemis 1.61 is now available!

posted Mar 09, 2012 20:09:49 by ThomRobertson

------- changes for V1.61 -------
Game Master is a new client console. It's like the science console, but with everything fully scanned, and several extra features. It's designed
to be used BY a game master, a game puppeteer, just like a D&D dungeon master, or the operator of a military sim.

To use the GM console, your server MUST be running a mission. Not just any mission, but a mission designed for the GM console. By convention, these
mission files should start with the word "Module", to separate them from "normal" missions that do not need a GM operator. Why?

During play, the GM operator presses keys on the GM console. These key presses are sent to the server, and used by the script to trigger
script events. The GM operator can also select objects by left-clicking them, and select points in space by right-clicking on the spot. Both
selected objects and selected locations can be used by the script for various events. Finally, the GM console has two text entry lines, and several
buttons used to send the entered text to various stations of the players' ship.

Because of the basic structure of this GM console system, the complexity and power of the GM system comes from the mission script you use. But the
execution of events in the script are triggered by simple key presses. So, by convention, every GM script (starting with "Module") should come
with a simple text file called "module-doc.txt", which details which keys do what.

Other changes include;

Captain's Map is a new client console. It's really just the science console without the scan ability. It's inspired by various shows that have,
well, a Captain's Map station.

much bug fixing has occured, hopefully resulting in a more stable game experience.

Enemy ships now have a percentage change of surrendering, and that value is controllable in scripts (surrenderChance).

Asteroids NOW HURT YOU when the ship runs into them!

Player ships are now limited to warp 1 when inside a nebula.

Changes have been made to the client so (hopefully) you don't have to keep clicking "ready to play" to get back into the game.

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Mike_Substelny said Mar 09, 2012 20:34:42
Very exciting!
"Damn the torpedoes! Four bells, Captain Drayton!"

(Likely actual words of Admiral David Farragut, USN, at the battle of Mobile Bay. Four bells was the signal for the engine room to make full steam ahead).
DrTwitch said Mar 09, 2012 20:54:44
yes, i can't wait to burn off a weekend.
putting up new gutters can wait!
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Cmdr.Brandr said Mar 09, 2012 21:55:25
Excellent! Just in time for the weekend!!!!!
Commander Brandr
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Hissatsu said Mar 09, 2012 22:14:20
YAY! for Capt Map. I thought i was cheating when i was using Science+Mainscreen on my tablet PC as a capitain.
Yay for bug fixing, always good to have bugs squatter (like, its not fun when your helms sees different ship names than other crew members)
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EricWethington said Mar 09, 2012 22:16:01
And I just got HIGH SPEED INTERNET!.... no to find some players....
"... ooops!"
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TreChipman said Mar 09, 2012 23:48:32
Excellent. All is proceeding as foretold in the Prophecy...
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5th_Wall_Gaming said Mar 10, 2012 15:29:44
So it begins....
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Vorus said Mar 10, 2012 21:10:19
Asteroids NOW HURT YOU when the ship runs into them!

Player ships are now limited to warp 1 when inside a nebula.

VERY cool changes here!

Our crew has been crazy busy lately, but these changes are especially cool to me, I can't wait until we can get together again.
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EricWethington said Mar 12, 2012 11:38:03
You must remember one thing. Flying a scout ship with Jump drive at Level 3 limited sensors IS VERY HARD! You really need to have one dreadnaught or missile cruiser centrally located and the scout ships running as the long range scouts and "fighter escorts".

That would make for an awesome team/multiship play!
Capt Wethington
"... ooops!"
Last words of Captain Phour Phazier Phred from Phremont
RichardTran said Mar 23, 2012 20:16:58
Is there plans for a more put together GM package for invasion mode?
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