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Switch to FastSpring

posted Mar 02, 2012 19:50:27 by ThomRobertson
I've just changed the main credit card processor from Plimus to FastSpring.

I'm trying a break from Plimus 'cause (lately) MOST of my buyers have had trouble downloading the file from them after purchasing.

I'm trying FastSpring 'cause Cliff Harris (of Gratuitous Space Battles) recommended them.

Please let me know if YOU have any problems ordering or receiving your copy of Artemis. Thanks!
Creator of Artemis
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TreChipman said Mar 03, 2012 07:53:44
I don't know one from the other, but Cliff is a pretty canny guy, so if I was in your position, I'd be inclined to go with his advice, too.

Also, you and Cliff need to get together and make Gratuitous Artemis Battles. Two admirals set up fleets of dozens of ships to do battle, picking ships, issuing general commands, setting up placement, etc, and then start the game with each ship being controlled by a full bridge crew of Artemis players, and all bridges connected via the Internet and viewable by anyone who cares to watch. This is your destiny, Thom; search your feelings, you know it to be true!
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I'm not a mad scientist. I'm an angry one. You'd be wise to fear the latter.

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rymosrac said Mar 16, 2012 18:59:14
Speaking of Clif and GSB. . .

I keep thinking artemis would be better on his engine, or on the engines that S.P.A.Z. and Starfarer use.

Especially starfarer. I cannot give that game good enough press.

I know it's probably WAY more expensive to license than this project can afford, would mean you had to go back and redo everything, and the engine has no netcode that I'm aware of.

But the thought lingers.
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