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Ability to distinguish between player ships?

posted Feb 21, 2012 04:25:59 by handofcthulhu
Hi Everyone,
Is there a way to distinguish between player ships? I can't seem to find much information on how mission scripts can interact with and distinguish between players when 2 bridges are set up in the server.
The main things I would like to accomplish with this:
1. Different options that occur when one ship docks with a station vs the other. One ship nothing will happen, but the other would sabotage the station.

2. Start the player ships in different locations? ex// Ship A starts at 1000,0,1000 the Ship B starts at 99000,0,99000.

3. Direct messages/comm_text_messages/popup warnings to one ship or another, but not to both.

Am I looking for something that just isn't supported by the framework as it currently exists?

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Eric said Feb 22, 2012 02:59:09
As I understand it, the mission scripting only supports one player ship at this time. There can be multiple player ships in a mission, but I don't believe that was intentionally programmed as much as happy happenstance.
handofcthulhu said Feb 22, 2012 06:32:29
I have a sinking feeling you may be right, that is... unfortunate... to say the least.
I was really hoping to make a versus mission for an upcoming Artemis party this weekend.
I'll still try and complete some sort of mission, but its... a lot less elegant to say the least.
Still, if anyone knows any tricks, let me know!

Mike_Substelny said Feb 28, 2012 16:16:54
I haven't tried this, but you *might* be able to make some of this work using generic objects. The first player ship would use regular bases while the second player ship would use bases you made from generic objects. It would be impossible to destroy the generic object bases, and the behavior of the generic object bases would need to be completely scripted. But it might work.
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