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First Wave

posted Feb 15, 2012 08:11:23 by Charlie
Capt Log

Running routine patrols in support of our starbases near the boarder I was informed of the presence of multiple unknown ships on LRS. Robot, running science, immediately detected readings in a nearby nebula. The situation was dire, I gave the order to load weapons and sound red alert. Without provication or any communications three enemy warships appeared out of the nearby nebula and opened fire. Thanks to the expertise of my crew and a capable ship we quickly returned fire, and began battle maneuvers, we circled around one enemy flotilla unloading a barrage of torpedoes. Out of nowhere another flotilla of enemy ships appeared and opened fire penetrating our shields and damaging our impulse. With lightning fast action Commander Christopher gave a quick warp burst placing us in range of a nearby asteroid belt. With quick action we maneuvered around the asteroids to provide cover. Cadet Dylan and Commander Christopher quickly laid out another volley of torpedoes hitting and destroying one enemy ship. Within seconds Robot reported that enemy ships where altering coarse giving us the opening to quickly return to base to refit.
At present the enemy ships have fallen back as ship and crew stand by to repel their next offensive.

Capt FutileChas
Artemis 1701
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