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Interested in bringing Artemis to PAX?

posted Feb 10, 2012 00:30:19 by taumeson
Hi everybody, I run the PC Area at PAX East, and someone mentioned Artemis to me. Seems like a fun opportunity, but I would need some help to pull it off. Anybody going to PAX East? Anybody interested in helping bring Artemis to PAX East?

Our BYOC attendees are pretty interested in it, so it'll be there in some fashion, but I wouldn't mind having Artemis available for our "Freeplay" attendees to try out.
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ThomRobertson said Feb 10, 2012 21:33:08
I would love to bring Artemis to PAX, Taumeson. However, in a forum exchange with Robert Khoo, he made it clear to me that I could NOT come to PAX and demo Artemis, since I wasn't 1) a paid exhibitor, or 2) one of the PAX 10.

I'm sure that Artemis fans could bring Artemis to the BYOC and get something going. But if you want me to bring my fancy Stage 2 rig (, you should ask for permission from the PAX officers. Thanks, and let me know.
Creator of Artemis
taumeson said Feb 10, 2012 21:41:23

Can you link me to the thread? I'd like to know more about what exactly the exchange was. If it was just about demoing the rig, that's one thing -- but I'm talking about having Artemis available as a playable application on our "Freeplay" machines for anybody who's interested.

It sounds like Artemis will be having a presence in the BYOC room in some fashion, according to the forums.
taumeson said Feb 10, 2012 21:44:23
OK that thread was easy to find:

And I definitely think Khoo is specifically talking about the idea of demoing the game -- that is something we would allow only paid exhibitors to do. But it's my call what goes on our PC Freeplay rigs and what tournaments we have at PAX, hence me posting on the forums.
ThomRobertson said Feb 10, 2012 21:56:19
I'm glad it's your call. Could you use my presence, expertise or equipment?
Creator of Artemis
taumeson said Feb 11, 2012 15:40:03
Equipment -- don't think so, unless you want to buy a few BYOC slots to show off your rig :) (hey, actually that's not a bad idea if you're in the northeast)

But presence and expertise, well I'll leave that up to you. My goal is to have Artemis installed on some of our "PC Freeplay" machines for attendees to play, but my challenge is that it appears to have a bit of a learning curve. Can you ping me at my account, username "taumeson"? Basically I would like to understand more if this is something that a casual attendee would be able to get into during the course of an hour or so, get some exposure, and maybe generate a little bit of interest.
AdmlBaconStraps said Oct 07, 2012 10:40:08
With Thoms permission, I'd probably be interested in doing something similar when PAX comes here to AUS..
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