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Artemis Console Builds

posted Jan 24, 2012 06:03:48 by TreChipman
Well, I've gone full boat crazy and spent a ton of time and a lot of ink this weekend coming up with Artemis consoles. I've built them out in two layers of transparency to be about 31 inches wide so I can mount them behind plexiglass, and hopefully put in some florescent lights for backlighting (I'll probably use wax paper to defuse the light). They aren't functional (although a Lilliput Monitor and multimonitor support could probably change that), but I think they're kinda pretty:

(The center image is a modified version of Adam's Star Trek UI. The left side quadrant map is what I personally use to figure out where stuff goes in game when I'm tinkering with mission designs.)

(Sharp eyed viewers will notice that the central tactical screen is heavily based off the interface from the Last Starfighter)

The Captain's Armrest:

I'm still working on Communications, but it's on the way.
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RobertJacoby said May 01, 2012 11:47:02
Updated the link for Version 1.65
Vic said Jul 23, 2013 23:07:55
Will the software work with a PC and a TFT as a second screen?

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