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Kobayashi Alternative

posted Jan 12, 2012 04:05:52 by ben.groves.tx
I found a mild surprise : I see no discussion of a scripted mission based on the famous Star Trek "Kobayashi Alternative".

I did a little digging around on the search term, but everything takes me to a C64 / Apple 2 / PC game. I would venture there exists something more detailed and written out, be it a paper RPG, modern game, or fiction.

Anyone have leads to where I could collect more research?

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5th_Wall_Gaming said Jan 12, 2012 16:08:46
I got one that I use. What did you want to discuss about it?
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ben.groves.tx said Jan 12, 2012 16:36:18
What is the resource you reference, and do you find the scenario to be something that is worth scripting into Artemis?

Specifically, I would like to get a layout of the events that made up the mission. Then I can determine if there is fun to be had.

5th_Wall_Gaming said Jan 12, 2012 16:39:22
Basically, I have a recorded message from the Kobi asking for help. We have a map set up with a border to the enemy zone and the program determines if you enter the area. If you do, you are attacked heavily as you have to keep close to the Kobi as it is repaired (you beam some of your repair crew to the ship).

Usually, Captains try to save the ship and have fun doing it. Occasionally, you get a captain that says, "Screw em". Also fun. :)
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ben.groves.tx said Jan 12, 2012 17:20:42
I see. Much thanks for your insight.
edmundrw said Jan 13, 2012 10:02:21
The trick to beating it, is to hack into the server machine before you start playing edit the mission script file.
TreChipman said Jan 13, 2012 10:18:05
<!-- mission_data is the big wrapper for all the parts of a mission -->
<mission_data version="1.60">

<!-- all the things that exist at the start of the mission -->
<big_message title="The Kobayashi Maru" subtitle1="Hacked by Tre Chipman"/>
<create type ="player" x="50000" y="0" z="50000" name="Artemis"/>
<create type= "Transport" x="55000" y="0" z="45000" name="Kobayashi Maru"/>

<if_distance name1="Artemis" name2="Kobayashi Maru" comparator="<" value="500"/>
<incoming_comms_text from="Kobayashi Maru">
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DrTwitch said Jan 13, 2012 16:37:16
+1 for Tre
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Vorus said Jan 13, 2012 17:17:02
Aw, we JUST sold out of the commendations for original thinking. Can we interest you in a complimentary apple? It's been the official fruit of KM hackers for over 100 years.
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ben.groves.tx said Jan 13, 2012 17:41:45


Some additional digging around over lunch yesterday, I found a direction for more context and information:
EricWethington said Jan 15, 2012 21:17:29
There was a Star Trek novel that dealt with the Kobiashi Maru and how the bridge crew of Enterprise did in each of their missions.
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Eric said Jan 15, 2012 22:10:36
It is also an Enterprise book about the actual incident.
Eric said Jan 29, 2012 21:28:56
I've started working on a Kobayahsi Maru based on the Enterprise novel. I'm trying to set it up exactly the same as book, but it may be too huge to do. I've just got my outline sketched and I'm beginning to code it now. No promises as to when (or if) it will be done. Maybe by summer? (hopefully 2012, not 2013)
ben.groves.tx said Feb 04, 2012 03:16:48
Very nice, I applaud your endeavors Mister Eric!
Eric said Feb 15, 2012 16:14:45
I've almost got the world created for this mission. It's not quite to scale, but I have a sector for Earth, Vulcan, Alpha Centauri, Andor, Tellar, Draylax, Gamma Hydra, Qu'nos, and Romulus/Remus. You fly to the new sectors by simply flying off the side of the map (almost like the original Zelda!). I'm struggling a bit with the final cosmetics of each system and how to get a huge map of all nine systems to players. I'll probably release a PDF with pre-mission info including the map.

I also think I have a way to manage object permanency while traveling throughout the systems. It's working for the stations so far, but it may get overwhelming for the individual ships. We'll see. I'm planning on making all the enemies elite (it is the Kobabyashi Maru and you're supposed to lose), so hopefully that will cut down on the number of ships I need to put in.

Once I get it up and running you'll need a Federation ships (NX-01 is what it originally was), Federation and Klingon freighters, Vulcan ships, Andorian ships, Klingon ships, Romulan ships, and planets as bases.

I'm a slow worker and often start things without finishing them, but I'm hopeful that I'll have something by the summer. Once I finalize the actual world, I'll release that for feedback.
qurgh said Mar 02, 2012 18:48:45
You fly to the new sectors by simply flying off the side of the map

How do you script this? I couldn't find anything on the wiki in the scripting section that suggested that it was possible to do this.

I have a bunch of ideas for building collections of Star Systems (mainly Klingon space maps), but I had to shelve them because it didn't seem possible yet.

Oh, and the Klingon Homeworld is Qo'noS, not Qu'nos :D
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