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Community-Wide "Props" folder

posted Jan 11, 2012 21:38:13 by Vorus
Martok and I were talking, and I think we came up with an interesting idea. (It's been sort of brought up here before, but nothing in-depth.)

Since most of the missions out there need te be re-written anyway, due to the new scripting change, and since most new missions are going to include "props", (genericMesh objects) What if, instead of mission writers putting their props in their respective mission folders, we all agreed to put them in a single folder named "Props"? (Which we would locate at "Artemis/dat/Missions/Props")

So, when you create a genericMesh, instead of calling it from "/dat/Missions/MyMission/mesh.dxs", you just called it from "/dat/Missions/Props/mesh.dxs"

This way, every time a new mission came out, it would come with its own copy of the Props folder, and when you installed that mission, that Props folder would merge with yours, thus increasing your store of available props. This would also have the benefit that you wouldn't end up with many copies of the same prop if it was used in more than one mission.

But the main benefit would be that the community would have a great resource for mission props. We could all contribute anything we have made from scratch ourselves, and anything we have permission to modify and release. That way, the contents of the folder would be entirely "open source", we would all be free to use and modify anything for our own missions. (And hopefully, we would release those changes back into the folder to further grow the community repository of props.)

And finally, in addition to releasing our props with our missions, we could just upload them somewhere, put a link to them here, and one of us (I would gladly volunteer) could regularly download all the new stuff, zip it up, and keep an up-to-date link available of the entire Props folder. That way, you wouldn't have to hunt down every mission to get every prop the community has made.

What do you think?

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edmundrw said Jan 12, 2012 14:09:59
Great idea. It's very smart to, as a community, be working to make things easier for anyone (less skilled and/or dedicated) to work on great missions. This, alongside the code snippets repository, will make it much easier for anyone to jump in and make a wide variety of missions.

Both those things, in turn, move us closer to an accessible GUI for scripting, which could represent a tipping point for Artemis.
Mike_Substelny said Jan 12, 2012 17:20:41
This sounds like a useful idea, but I'd like Thom's opinion.
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TreChipman said Jan 12, 2012 18:46:34
I think it's a great idea; we can use it as a universal reference to store things that aren't currently in the game, but should be (e.g. planets, shuttles, etc).
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ThomRobertson said Jan 14, 2012 14:28:44
I like the idea of a props folder. As I understand it, I'll need to change the sounds base directory to let you put and use sounds in the props folder, right?
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Vorus said Jan 14, 2012 17:18:03
Oo yeah, I hadn't thought of that, but sounds would also be cool to have in the Props folder! Thanks, Thom!
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