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Artemis on RPG.NET (with 1.60 info)

posted Jan 05, 2012 21:05:19 by KeithHigdon
There's a thread about Artemis over on RPG.NET. Feel free to drop by and add to the discussion.

Thom stopped by earlier and had this to say

I'm a few days away from releasing V1.60, so I thought I'd share what's coming.

------- changes for V1.60 -------
Science station has lost it's sweep arm, and has become a more detailed LRS, with dragging, zooming, and the ability to scan ships to find out more about them.

Now you can choose from 5 different player ships; Scout, Cruiser (the regular ship), Battleship, Missile Cruiser, and Dreadnought.
These ships have different beam and tube configurations, and different shields and maneuverability.

AI for enemies and neutrals has been changed to make scripting more powerful. Now these objects have a stack of "AI blocks" that can be mixed, matched, and adjusted.

On the client, the new console choice screen lets you have more concurrent consoles and choices. Now you can have an unlimited amount of any console, except helm and weapons.

The new ECM torpedo fires and explodes like a nuke. But instead of physical damage, a ship hit by an ECM blast will lose half of its maximum shield strength, AND its shield frequencies will be severely damaged, making beams much more effective against them.

Sloops (Sl) are now Transports (Tr).

The vesselData.XML file and scripting have been changed to give modders more flexibility. While hull entries still have a unique numeric ID, races have been broken out into their own objects, and both races and hulls have "keys". This allows scriptors to make an enemy that is "enemy elite" and "large", instead of #36.

Jump drive gives the players an alternative to warping. This alternate mode of travel is more like the Battlestar Galactica point jump, and changes the game significantly.

Space monsters now hit harder.

In Invasion mode, monsters and black holes start the game a bit closer in, making them more of a navigational hazard.

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Vorus said Jan 06, 2012 03:50:05
Wow, that sounds AMAZING. I cannot wait! And our SCI officer will be VERY happy.
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Martok42 said Jan 06, 2012 18:26:16
Wow, all of that sounds really cool. Now science sounds like one of the choice positions!
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d.toliaferro said Feb 20, 2012 20:15:49
Where's the link to the discussion?
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