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posted Dec 17, 2011 16:32:22 by 5th_Wall_Gaming
This would be SO bennificial. Instead of setting various statuses, we could put in..


If we need to close the block, then I suggest <closeif>

This would make writing scripts MUCH easier.
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DrTwitch said Dec 17, 2011 17:37:12
i get what you are saying.

i am just starting to get the hang of a basically event based, flag driven system. (really a big old box of "AND")

could this "fall through" be done by possibly nesting <event>?

(i did some tests and didn't think that it works though :(

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TreChipman said Dec 17, 2011 20:40:12
There are ways to work around it-- IF condition 1 can set a flag variable that would cause IF condition 2 to not validate, etc., but yes, ELSE and ELSIF clauses would be tremendously helpful in streamlining the scripting process. I'm not going to hold my breath, though, because those sort of things are REALLY tricky, especially when you're implementing them on a nascent scripting language, and Thom is just one guy, after all.
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