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when good ships lie... (v1.55 <direct> trumps all)

posted Dec 11, 2011 02:02:46 by DrTwitch
I may have found a discrepancy with that COMMS can tell a ship to do and how the ship behaves when a mission script is being used.
Basically if a ship is directed in a mission script, then you can't command it via the COMMS panel. But the COMMS panel still behaves as if the ship can be commanded, and the ship claims to be following orders. (status requests will reviel their actual orders ahve not changed and the ship will continue on it's assigned mission.

If a ship is set to NOT accept orders, it will still interact with COMMS like it is directable and will pretentd to accept orders.

To demonstrate this I created the following ships. The hulls exist in all of our computers' vessel.xml file)
type ="neutral"
x="89500" y="0" z="50200"

type ="neutral"
x="89500" y="0" z="49500"

type ="neutral"
x="84990" y="0" z="40010"

type ="neutral"
x="89500" y="0" z="50000"

set the properties of the ships to follow orders.
<set_object_property name="Saladin" property="willAcceptCommsOrders" value="1" />
<set_object_property name="Federation" property="willAcceptCommsOrders" value="0" />
<set_object_property name="AAD" property="willAcceptCommsOrders" value="1" />
<set_object_property name="Firestorm" property="willAcceptCommsOrders" value="0" />

and gave 2 of the ships orders:
<direct name="AAD" targetName="Deep Space 50k,50k" scriptThrottle=".1" />
<direct name="Firestorm" targetName="Deep Space 50k,50k" scriptThrottle="1.0"/>

(the targets exist.)

No instructions were given to the "Saladin" and "Federation", these are our "free spirits", but one is more willful than the other.

So the following happens (in my simulation at least)
Transmit > OtherShip

> Saladin - all commands are available and any command is accepted and acknowledged and the command is promptly obeyed. (yippe)

> Federation - all commands are available and any navigation command is declined. (yippe)

> Firestorm - all commands are available and any command is accepted and acknowledged. but it is NOT obeyed.

> ADD - all commands are available and any command is accepted and acknowledged. but it is NOT obeyed - proceeds to set destination.

This feels like a couple of bugs unless we are creating very strong willed units ;)

Ships that have a programmed destination seem to accept and acknowledge orders, even if the willAcceptCommsOrders is 0, and even if the ship is set to obey orders the orders are ignored.

I a sorry to be bringing all this up, and please tell me to go sit on a phaser...
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ThomRobertson said Dec 11, 2011 19:33:29
Weird. I'll look into this.
Creator of Artemis
DrTwitch said Dec 12, 2011 03:35:57
Thanks Thom.
there is every chance that i am not scripting this correctly, i hope that the example i provide will at least help with debug, or provide a basis for comparison to the script that you would use if you were writing this.
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