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some extra properties

posted Dec 10, 2011 06:33:40 by DrTwitch
Would it be possible to make the properties of "clasname" and "side" settable?
(i tried to set these in 1.55)
I was thinking about a situation where this would come in hand.
represent a captured enemy ship which was now in service to your side (or being used against you).
(so when scanned the ship would say USFP Captured Kralien Crusier

where side = "usfp"
hull type 10"
classname = "Captured Kralien Crusier"
Name = "CA3"

an additional setting that could be of use. I was thinking that this would also come in handy for increasing science or communication detail/flavor.
Providing a way to have a small label for the map (name=CA1) while having a secondary name (detailname) could be something like "USS Tintin".

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Mike_Substelny said Dec 10, 2011 07:41:33
A huge +1 on this idea. You can do a little of this by creating a ship of any race as neutral or friendly, but there are still only two "sides." Right now if a script writer wants to do more we need to change the vesseldata.xml file, and some people who play our scripts won't want to change that.

Of course the reason we want to set this is to get the AI to behave in certain ways. So the other option is to have a more transparent AI system that a script writer can control.
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DrTwitch said Dec 10, 2011 16:38:38
in a mutual +1 society. i have to say i like the idea of a bit more documentation on how the AI works.
I know that putting all the game information into a document is tedious but i am hoping Thom will toss out some information and continue to expose elements to scripting.
Scripting and scripters seems to be endlessly curious and want to manage as much as they can.
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ThomRobertson said Dec 11, 2011 19:44:35
I've been planning to change the way ships are defined in vesselData.xml for a while, specifically changing the way we currently number the vessels. It's on the list.

As for the AI, yes, changes are coming. You're not the only one who wants better, more transparent, more script-able AI. I want to provide it; it's on the list.
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DrTwitch said Dec 12, 2011 03:24:07
as always thank you for your work and willingness to accept ideas and give things a hearing.

I know that you work better alone, but if there are ways that i can help out please just mention them.
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