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Script Variables

posted Dec 10, 2011 17:05:05 by 5th_Wall_Gaming
This is just another post about a suggestion you may or may not be working on.

We need to be able to use variables in scripts.

For example,

<set_variable name="SecondsToNextShip" randomIntHigh="200" randomIntLow="30"/>
<set_timer name="NextShip" seconds="#SecondsToNextShip#"/>

I want to be able to do that or perhaps have it randomly appear someplace within a range..
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DrTwitch said Dec 10, 2011 18:16:02
i see what you mean. (the tricky part is that the variables get reset all the time - at least in this example, you don't have an "i got the timer set" condition)

i was thinking of making this request myself, more for game set up though.

so i could set a coordinate set once (say for a starbase) and then just reference those coordinates when setting up the environment.

(we can test bounding rectangles and also set destinations, which are very nice, but i do see the need for keeping things a little tidier for scripting)

Thom, the game is great and the simple scripting is a great set of building tools.
Anything you add to the game is more than appreciated...
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Vorus said Dec 10, 2011 19:54:24
Yes, I would like this as well. I don't know how possible it is that we'll see it any time soon, but it would definitely be cool, and very helpful sometimes.
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TreChipman said Dec 10, 2011 22:20:47
Yeah, variables would be a fantastic addition, but I can see how from a coding standpoint they'd be a huge pain for Thom to implement. I'd love to see it, but I'd rather Thom work on hyperspace than fret about namespace ;).
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ThomRobertson said Dec 11, 2011 19:35:32
I'll look into this.
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