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Looking for Sacramento Area Crews to participate in bringing Artemis to the Sac Sci-Fi/Horror Show

posted Dec 06, 2011 20:00:02 by aviphysics
One of my crew members knows some of the people that organize the Sac Sci-Fi/Horror Show so it should be easy to get a spot.

What we need is crews that want to play. We also could use some extra computers and perhaps another projector. To avoid technical difficulties we will plan to use the same hardware throughout the day so keep that in mind if you offer to lend a hand.

We currently have eight laptops that can run Artemis and an HD projector which we could connect to a desktop along with the required networking gear.

If you are in the greater Sacramento area or know anyone who is that would like to participate then get them to login and post.
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wwjdtd said Jul 21, 2012 23:08:58
Will you be doing this this year? I would love to help out with it. (I wish I knew about this game last year).

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