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Heading 260!

posted Nov 27, 2011 09:08:51 by Mike_Substelny
Tonight a newbie crew with a newbie captain was in a tough spot. In the direction 260 was a base with repairs, weapons, and every other salvation an Artemis crew could hope for. In direction 60 lay certain death.

So when the captain shouted "Helm! Heading two sixty!" guess which direction they turned. :)

Sweetbvabyjesus Artemis is a fun game to watch!
"Damn the torpedoes! Four bells, Captain Drayton!"

(Likely actual words of Admiral David Farragut, USN, at the battle of Mobile Bay. Four bells was the signal for the engine room to make full steam ahead).
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JasonWillis said Nov 28, 2011 04:38:11
That sounds like a similar episode we had during our play this weekend. My 16 year old was arguing about why we said "2-6-0" instead of "two hundred sixty" between missions and we couldn't convince him. Then a bit later he was manning the science station and gave us a bad vector raining us into the fleet. The Artemis survived but we did take some heavy damage. Soon after that I noticed the headings were "0-5-3" and "3-2-0" from the science station. LOL. Nothing like a good object lesson for learning that dad was right.

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EricWethington said Nov 30, 2011 01:32:35
"Helm! get us out of here!" has been a common order for us :)

Capt of the Jimi Saru
"... ooops!"
Last words of Captain Phour Phazier Phred from Phremont
DrTwitch said Dec 21, 2011 15:26:43
ours is "dad, you put the shields up this time, right?"

"Havoc" was a tiny bit more exciting when confronting the final challenge with your shields down.
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