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LAN/Artemis Party Nov 12, 2011

posted Nov 09, 2011 13:40:45 by LeeKeiserII
I'm hosting a LAN party this Saturday the 12th and it looks like we may have two full bridges put together for some Bridge vs. Bridge action. We're scheduled to play from 4pm - 3am and was wondering if there will be any other bridge crews available on this date/time to co-op or do battle with over the net?
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Charlie said Nov 10, 2011 21:36:01
Lee, glad to see your up and running. I'm not sure which of my crew will be available Saturday, but I'd like to join in if I can. What do you have planned exactly and what is the best way to contact you? You can email me at (

Artemis 1701
LeeKeiserII said Nov 18, 2011 20:02:20
Turned out to be a "regular" LAN party for most of the time. We played some Artemis after 1am and had a great time. Some of 1st time players really got into it (and have hopefully purchased their own copies now).

The players had so much fun, they decided to play Artemis FIRST at the next gathering. :-)
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