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Custom Objects in missions and other thoughts on mission scripts

posted Nov 03, 2011 04:07:30 by cfogrady
Just a suggestion. I think it would be really cool for missions to have a way to load custom objects into the game from the mission directory. That way you can have a space amoeba, or ancient automatons, or other similar phenomena appear in a mission with out having to do a custom mod of the vesselData.xml to get the phenomena in the game.

Also based on the current doc it seems to me that variables cannot be used to set Attributes, they can only be set and read as conditions. Am I understanding that correctly? I realize you could theoretically set a variable and have a condition for each value to manually set the attribute, but that seems like a hack to accomplish what I would think should be a simple feature.

Also it seems like currently randomization is very limited (as in only used in creating asteroids, nebula, and mines)? It would be really nice to get more random elements than that, like locations of fleets, star bases, anomalies, and variables.

Lastly any chance of arrays and looping of some sort? Assuming I am understanding things correctly, conditions can only be applied to named objects at the moment. So if I want an unusual nebula in my mission that will disable any ships shielding, I would need a different event for each ship on the map? If we assume there is eventually a way to generate a random number of enemies, I would need to dynamically generate events as well. It would be nice if I could put ships or objects into an array to test against, and/or have automatic collections (example: all objects, all ships, friendly ships, neutral ships, enemy ships, star bases). I plan to really dive into the scripting this week-end, so if this is currently possible, please let me know.

Last item... and this may belong more in development than mission scripting, but is it currently possible to have enemies fight each other in a mission? So you could come across Kraliens and Torgoths in a mission arguing over a space anomaly and you can get them to open fire on each other if you play your cards right, and then come in and take out the left overs.

Last thing that would be cool, is a way to have the mission script switch you over to another ship (example take over another ship as part of a covert mission... or even have your ship taken over by another ships crew and have to get it back).

Just some ideas that have come to me after briefly looking over the Mission Script Ref 1.50 thread. I think they could really add to the scope of missions that people could create.
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Mike_Substelny said Nov 03, 2011 20:12:55
Many of these ideas have been discussed in these forums before. The "custom objects" idea is a very popular suggestion and I think Thom is planning to give it to us soon.

Right now the AI is very limited. You can get enemies to fight each other by making one side neutral. For example, if you create enemy Argonians and neutral Torgoths they will fight each other but the Torgoths will not fight Artemis.

If you want to see a hack solution to this get a crew together and play my mission script "Truce or Consequences." The ships named Swift Ghost and Royal Yacht change between enemy and neutral depending on how close Artemis gets.
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