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Calling all ship! Rendezvous on 8/27-28

posted Aug 23, 2011 00:19:51 by ZacheryFinzelTittle
This is the captain of The Galaxy's Reprieve hailing all ships. On the weekend of august the 27-28, our crew will be hosting an open play event. Whether local to the North East Ohio are or looking to play online, meet up with us for many a game of Artemis.

For those in the area, Game Emporium of Garrettsville, Ohio ( will be hosting a gaming lock in Satuday night. Admission is $10 with pizza and pop provided, and plenty of table top, board, video and computer games. Official start time is 12 am and runs until 6am. Artemis will be a large part of the gathering, with projected 15-20 people all playing together. Please bring a laptop/desktop to play as the store only owns 2-3 itself.

If the late night scene is not your thing, joins us on Sunday for even more Artemis. Captain of the Jimi Suru, Eric W., will be joining us to train my cadets in the way of bridge command and control. Also joining (possibly!) will be Thom Robertson to join in on the fun and promote Artemis. All around good times.

And for those that would like to join from afar, pm me here, on Facebook, or post in the Game Emporium group page and we can set up server addressing and communications channels.

All in all I hope to see many new people there and look forward to a great time playing Artemis with all of you.
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EricWethington said Aug 23, 2011 01:09:29
Looks like at least partial crew of Jimi-Saru will also be joining.

Also possible attending from the crew of the Jimi-Saru
Ensign Josh (Tactical/Weapons)
Lieutenant John Rockow (Chief Engineer)
Cadet Spencer Kinder (recently promoted from trainee) (Tactical/Science)
"... ooops!"
Last words of Captain Phour Phazier Phred from Phremont
Charlie said Aug 24, 2011 01:35:29
Mssg to: The Galaxy's Reprieve,
The Artemis 1701 will be on patrol and available periodically for sure. Sat. night as well as Sunday. Email us if you want to get things set up early. ( or ( We are devoted players and are glad to see you getting something together, Capt. Wethington, and crew are an awsome team we've flown several missions with.

Capt. FutileChas
Artemis 1701
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