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Running a demo game

posted Aug 22, 2011 18:18:23 by KeithHigdon
As I mentioned in another thread, I may have a chance to run a whole day of Artemis at a local SciFi convention. I have all the necessary hardware (workstations, switch, projector, screen, etc) and have experience ensuring the game will run as advertised. I have the time to run multiple sessions, and should be able to run some "Cadet Cruises" for training, as well as some actual Missions. What I don't have is experience in actually running demonstrations of the game for people who've never seen/played it before. So I figured I'd go ahead and start a thread here at see what advice people can give me.

So what kind of demos have you done? What worked well as far as your setup? What didn't work so well? How many sessions did you run, and how long were they? What's the best way to get new players up to speed? Any missions that particularly good for this kind of setting?

Anything else you could think of would be greatly appreciated.
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jrwhitmore82 said Aug 22, 2011 19:40:09
I would recommend the mission 'Shakedown Cruise'. It is a mission desgined by Mike Substelny and he did a great job incorporating everything the game has to offer. It does a really great job in helping new cadets learn the ins and outs of each station while at the same time giving you enough action to keep the more seasoned vets from loosing interest.

By running that mission a couple of times, you will be able to knock out two birds with one stone. You will be able to run this mission without overwhelming your cadets, and you will be able to showcase a lot of what Artemis has to offer.

Also, if you get a chance and if you have the available crews to do it, I would recommend getting two full crews together, if not more, and showcase a little friendly vs friendly action. Afterall, there is nothing more thrilling than trying to outrun a couple of nukes only to have your ship fall out of warp because you ran out of energy.

I hope this helps you and if you have anymore questions don't be afraid to ask.

Cmdr Arch
Charlie said Aug 22, 2011 19:46:25
First off I would say the training mission, but I'm not sure if it's on the demo. In loo of that, it really is almost unloosable at difficulty 1 or 2, so I'd feel out your trainees set up just to get them use to it then bump it up. Leaving it on low for 8 to 10 ages, but adults might like a challenge. Learning to drive, load weapons, not navigating into a minefield, stuff like that is a big part of the fun. I myself play pretty aggressively, its "red alert" and find me nearest target. But beginners can play quite laxed. It all comes pretty naturally, pretty straight forward. Enjoy the convention. F1, I think gives help screen.
Good luck.

Capt. FutileChas
Artemis 1701
Mike_Substelny said Aug 22, 2011 20:55:15
You could try my mission script called "Attract Mode." It should work with the current Artemis release, but depending on the date of your convention and the date of the next Artemis release I might need to update the script.
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