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Artemis Posters & Flyers

posted Aug 22, 2011 17:54:26 by KeithHigdon
It looks like I may have a chance to run some sessions of Artemis at a local Scifi convention in September. I saw the GenCon videos and I think it would be awesome to be able to have some Artemis posters to display around my setup. Barring that, I'd like to have some flyers that I can hand out and leave around the "bridge" so people know what's going on.

DTP is not my specialty, so I figured I'd check and see if someone has done some of the legwork already. Anybody have any posters or flyers they've done up already? If so and you'd consider sharing them it would be greatly appreciated.

Hmmmm..... Thom, have you considered doing up any "media kits" for Artemis? Thinks like posters and flyers for events, as well as wallpapers or screensavers for the workstations would go a long way towards helping people put on killer demos of the game.
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Charlie said Aug 22, 2011 19:55:39
Kieth, I've got a generic flyer I did on paint I could send it to you, too give you an idea.

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LeeKeiserII said Aug 22, 2011 20:47:17
I own a sign shop and am also trying to make an Artemis LBE (See threads in the off-topic section). I've made several banners and other promotional materials for my LBE, but they are all for older versions of the game. I'll have to review what I have though... Maybe there's some things you can use.

If someone would make up the graphics, I'll get them printed and "loan" them out to whomever needs them for whatever show/event they want to attend. Poster size 24"x36" and small banner size 72"-96"x24 are two sizes that I make all the time...

All I would ask is that they be "generic" Artemis so they can be used where-ever/when-ever.
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KeithHigdon said Aug 23, 2011 04:03:33
Thanks Charlie! Go ahead and send it to rkhigdon at hotmail dot com and I'll take a look.
ThomRobertson said Aug 26, 2011 21:55:06
well, this link:

was meant to help you guys. Beyond that, play with free space and nebula backgrounds you can get off the web, futuristic fonts, and screenshots of the game. That's all I did for the banners I used at GenCon.
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