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A Klingon's War Story

posted Aug 20, 2011 07:00:50 by Martok42
(This was using the Into the Breach: KDF mod for Artemis)

Our crew had just made the discovery of the true identity of the strange readings Science was getting. It was far worse than I imagined. I was Captaining at the time, and there was a lull in the battle, and I ordered the IKS Vengeance to close in the on the mysterious readings. We approached, and put the reading up on the main screen. It was a strange crystalline object seemingly orbiting around itself, spinning, swirling. Electricity seemed to flow from it's points, and the entire thing was clouded in an eerie fog. We sat there a moment out of reach of our weapons. I commanded Weapons to lock on, and to my surprise, they couldn't get a lock. I ordered shields up, and ordered a slow approach. We creeped closer to swirling mass, when suddenly we apparently crossed the threshold of it's tolerance as it's sentience revealed itself with a violent lurch toward the ship! Alarms rang and the crew took a collective gasp. Not being able to fire at the khest'n thing, I ordered us to get us out of there, warp 1. To the crew's surprised the thing followed us at warp speed blasting us with it's powerful electric blasts. I ordered higher and higher speed until we finally lost it. We began repairs and soon enough we were back in fighting form, and just in time, for we received the distress call one of our last remaining cargo ships.

We began our trek to aid the ship before the Federation could throw the last of the supply vessels to Sto'vo'kor. We arrived to find many more ships than we originally anticipated. There were many vessels in that fleet from the Elite Constitution, to the agile and menacing Chandley class. We opened fire at any and all ships in our sites. The Mann class lurched it's hulking self around as it pounded our shields with all banks. The Chandley swarming around as like a venomous insect and all manner of cannon fodder and back up ships in the fleet pounding the Vengeance. We weaved through the fleet, laying mines, firing torpedoes, and unloading with beams, we decimated the fleet, but the other 90% was simply far to much for us. Dreadnought and Elites crippling our ship, Perhaps the Enterprise herself was there, fighting for the Federation. In any case, we being far out gunned, we near crippled, and hull was damaged, and systems failing, our energy was running low, and our supply of torpedoes was waning. We had to retreat and regroup, attempting to get some allies to assist us. The fleet returned it's attention to the cargo ship, there was no time to wait for the allies to arrive. I thought, if only the allies could warp... Perhaps they can!

I command for engineering to put power to shields and to warp back to the creature! The cargo ship was long dust by the time we got there, but we all knew this was the case before we set off. This was now about honor, and victory. We provoked the creature and whipped the ship around and headed again for the enemy fleet, trailing the evil thing behind us.

With creature in tow we ran right through the heart of the fleet, and warped past the limit of the creature and left it behind us. It then turned it's attention to Federation dogs who killed our Klingon brethren. We continued firing torpedoes and beams flying around the fleet. Thee fleet then began chasing us, as we were apparently more irritating than the creature. After some time, we trailed the fleet who was trailing the monster. I can only imagine the look on face of the federation as one battered and bruised Klingon vessel, outsmarted, outwitted, and defeated them! When the shrapnel drifted off only we and the creature remained. We simply stared at the lone creature there among the debris, and wisely decided to leave it alone. We were nearly completely out of energy, and all supply ships were dead, but all the Federation ships in the sector had been destroyed. So we began the voyage home, victorious, and undefeated!
A vital mission, impossible odds and a ruthless enemy, what more could we ask for?

Follow the Star Trek, Into The Breach mod for Artemis: NegativeZone
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Vorus said Aug 21, 2011 23:58:00
Serving as HELM officer for that voyage, it was a pleasure to see the honorless petaQpu' of the Federation fall before the cunning of our leader. Just as it seemed that our defeat was inevitable, our captain set upon his plan, and with a snarl of approval, I set a course for the foul beast and moved us within its range. Once we saw that our leader's plan was a success, we reveled in taking shots at our enemies as they fell one-by-one to the creature's endless barrages. Their mindless attempts at fighting back only made them look more pathetic and laughable.

The superiority of the Klin was evident on that day, as was the skill of our leader.
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