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Artemis 1701, Deneb; Search for Aegis

posted Aug 19, 2011 23:17:09 by Charlie
Artemis 1701 8/18/11
Capt. FutileChas Log Entry, 1st Engagement

The Artemis 1701 has just completed weapons storage upgrades implemented by Cmdr. Arch, and successfully delivered supplies to the Deneb 1 station. Artemis 1701 has been mandated to search the Deneb 3 sector, and the last known position of the Aegis. Upon successful jump to the Deneb 3 sector I ordered science and comm to scan and attempt to contact the Regis. No response from the Aegis, science reports several armadas in route to each station, at 22:00 hours I ordered all stations to red alert and ordered helm to intercept armada approaching DS3. Helm moved the Artemis 1701 into attack position, I ordered type 6 mines into tubes 1 and 2 and ordered crew ready for attack pattern Echo. Ship and crew readied for engagement as weapons and engineer reported full systems failure, I ordered helm to hold relative position behind enemy armada while systems came back online. At this time I realized the improbablity of Artemis saving all the Deneb stations. Comms ordered all stations to build type 6 mines and nuclear ordnance. All systems reported online and ready for attack, our first engagement, type 6 attack on enemies port side the Artemis approached from behind and caught the enemy by complete suprise. Shields to Torgoth battleship took significant damage all others nominal, I ordered nuclear ordnance loaded and move to position for Delta 2 nuclear strike, helm navigated to port to gain distance and position. Deployed nuclear weapons, destruction of 2 enemy vessels and significant damage to remainder of armada. Loaded for type 6 Echo attack and engaged, minimal effect, loaded type 6 and maneuvered hard to starboard and ordered Alpha attack warp 2, 1 mine hit 1 missed destroying enemy battleship. Helm swung hard to port, weapons loaded fot type 6. Enemy armada turned to port to pursue, helm lowered engines to hold position luring enemy fleet into undetonated mine. Mine detonated, minimal effect on enemies shields, Artemis shields at zero. Loaded type 6 , hard to starboard engage Echo attack, Artemis took minor damage to shield generators and primary beams. Both mines missed their mark, then ordered for Delta 2 nuclear strike, torpedoes away then loaded homing torps, 1 Dreadnaught destroyed Aft shield failure to Torgoth battleship. Moved into position for homing torpedoes navigating around undetonated mines, helm reversed coarse to lure enemy into them, direct hit minimal damage, moved ship into position on weaker battleship. Dam con teams worked to restore systems and shields. Weapons fired multiple vollies on battleship, battleship destroyed. Torgoth battleship and Dreadnaught remain, Skaraan Executor decloaked 2,000 meters to stern. I ordered helm to set coarse for nearest base.

Log entry ends
Capt. FutileChas
Artemis 1701

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jrwhitmore82 said Aug 20, 2011 02:18:12
***begin transmission***

TO: Artemis Fleet Command
RE: Deneb Sector Patrol

This is the weapons officer log, stardate 08/18/11, Deneb Sector, deep space patrol. It has been several hours since our last engagement with hostile enemy forces. We have been patrolling this sector of space diligently, ever watchful for further hostile incursions. The Deneb Sector is unregulated at best as our main forces are concentrated on protecting the core worlds from enemy invasion. As per Fleet Command's orders, we are to keep this large sector of space under Fleet control at all costs. If the Skaraans or Argonians, or even worse the Torgoth, were to ever breech the Deneb Sector, then nothing would stand in their way from launching a full out assault on our solar system. Therefore it is absolutely imperitive that we remain focused and steadfast to the defense of this enigmatic, and highly volatile, section of space.

So, what follows is a detailed account of our last encounter with those that would seek to wipe us from existance. On stardate 08/18/11, at 0245 SMT, after our last engagement with a massive Torgoth battlegroup, our ship was left in dismal condition due to the high amount of damage we had sustained. We had multiple systems failures and several hull breeches. Our front shields were offline with our rear shields failing fast. Warp nacelles were badly damaged limiting us to only 3/4 impulse at best. Our primary beam arrays were overheating and our supply of Type 1 Homings and Type 4 Nukes were depleted. The only tactical advantage we had at that particular moment was to procede towards foward operating starbase DS3 while laying down a defensive line of mines. To keep the pursuing enemy from evading them Captain FutileChas gave instructions to our Helm officer to maintain a close contact course with the asteroid that we were traveling through while I, as the weapons officer, strategically placed the mines as close to the asteroids as possible to keep them from showing up on enemy sonar. It worked perfectly.

As the remainder of the Torgoth armada closed in on us, their sensors failed to detect the mines we had placed around the asteroids. We detected multiple detonations behind us when our Comms officer intercepted transmissions from both the Torgoth battleship and dreadnaught. The damage they sustained caused shipwide systems failures and they were essentially dead in the water. That bought us a short, and much needed, reprieve. That left only the Skaraan Executor in pursuit, but we were etermined to make it to starbase DS3, and we weren't going down without a fight. Time, which we didn't have, was of the upmost importance. With the Skaraan Executor closing in on us fast, we were nothing short of sitting ducks. Just when the Executor was about to have us in weapons range, our brilliant engineering officer was able to stabilize the warp nacelles.

Captain Futile yelled for all ahead max warp, although since the nacelles were still somewhat damaged we were only able to achieve warp 1, but it was still just enough for our smaller and lighter ship to evade the Skaraan Executor thru this asteroid field. As if possessed by a higher power, our helm officer zig zagged us thru the asteroid field and straight to starbase DS3. Wow, what a sight for sore eyes. With the Executor being such a large and bulky ship, it would take it a few minutes before it would be able to catch up with us. We managed to dock and immediately proceded to carrying out emergency damage control protocols. The docking crew was able to fully seal off the multiple hull breeches while engineering managed to restore all shipwide systems to a minimal setting. We received much needed energy and supplies, including a refreshed stock of type 1 homings, type 6 mines, and type 4 nukes. We were finally back in
business, and not a moment too late because as soon as we had finished docking, the Torgoth battleship and dreadnaught popped out from the asteroid and they were NOT happy with us.

I can only guess in the time that it took us to restore warp capabilities and actually dock with starbase DS3, the battleship and dreadnaught were able to restore their own ship functions and layed in an intercept course with us. Captain Futile immediately jumped into action and called for red alert and battle settings. He instructed me to load tubes 1 and 2 for an immediate Alpha strike. As soon as weapons were loaded, he gave the order to the helmsman for warp one, engage. We warped right through their line and dropped two mines between them. BOOM! BOOM! Both enemy ships sustained massive damage while returning fire of their own, bringing our rear shields to critical condition and inflicting moderate hull damage. The captain then instructed me to load for an Echo attack as our helmsman was bringing us about. Just like clockwork, we warped in and dropped two more mines starboard of the dreadnaught causing it to decompress and explode much to our applause. As we came back around to attack the Torgoth battleship, the explosion from the mines we just layed also caused additonal damage to the battleship as well. Sensing the battleship was close to defeat, Captain Futile told me to load for a double Type 1 assault, which I was more than happy to comply with and just like that the Torgoth battleship went down without us even breaking a sweat. As our crew starting cheering and celebrated, we were reminded by our good captain that we were far from out of this fight. At about that time, the Skaraan Executor decided to show up and take avantage of our vulnerable predicament.

Even though we had just defeated the remainder of the massive Torgoth battlegroup, the Skaraan was simply waiting in the shadows for the opportune time to strike at us. I guess they were expecting the Torgie battlehsip and dreadnaught to weaken us so that it may attack us at our weakest. Well, bad decision on their part because even though we were in a weak position to defend ourselves, we ARE Artemis Fleet officers first and foremost. Loosing is NOT an option. Captain Futile gave me permission to fire at will with everything we had left, and so that's exactly what I did. I fired off a barrage of Type 1 homings to weaken their rear shields while our gifted helmsman took emergency evasive manuevers around their stern. It was almost like a deadly ballet. The flashing of beams, the explosion of torpedos, and all the while both our ship and theirs was sustaining heavy damage. However, I quickly found myself out of armaments and it was dejavu all over again. Thankfully I was quickly reminded by the captain that when we did dock with starbase DS3, we managed to pick up two Type 4 Nuclear warheads, which I feverishly loaded into both of the torpedo tubes. And so, as the Executor turned towards us to finish us off, Captain FutileChas gave me an order that I will never forget: "Commander Arch, fire those nukes where the sun don't shine!", and fire away I did. The two nuclear torpedos screamed towards their target with extreme prejudice and in a bright and brilliant flash, the Skaraan Executor detonated with tremendous fury as our crew erupted into a frenzy of cheering and celebration.

The Torgoth invasion was halted and the Deneb Sector is now safe once again, at least for the time being. We attempted several more times to hail the Regis, but to no avail. Our comms system simply took too much damage from our earlier incursion with the Torgoth battlegroup and will need time to repair. And so, as we putt along at 1/2 impluse back to starbase DS3 for much needed repairs, we can't help but ponder what lies ahead for all of us.

Cmdr Arch
Weapons Officer

***end transmission***
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