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Hello - a question about the player vessel

posted Aug 15, 2011 05:40:17 by dbsmash
hey everybody - we got a crew together in Montana playing the game (after a friend bought it and told us we needed to run it at our next LAN), and we love it. I have been looking into the ship editor and scripting - everything looks great and I am very excited.

One question - I am interesting in designing other player ships to use: smaller dog fighting ships and big slow weapons loaded ships. I see I can build vessels in the ship editor and alter the appearance and engineering layout - and I see in config files that I can change the beam speed and damage for the player vessel. One thing I am curious about; is there any way to change the number of torpedo tubes a ship has?

Thanks in advance.
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Charlie said Aug 15, 2011 13:04:55
Yes dbsmash, our vessel currently holds 8 mines and 4 nukes and 12 homing. Our shield setting and weapons damage is set lower than normal so we have to work a little bit to take down certain class' of vessels. Makes it a little more customed to my crew. maxInShipTorp in config files will show torp capacity.

Captain FutileChas
Artemis - 1701
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Eric said Aug 15, 2011 13:46:00
If I understand your question correctly, no I don't think you can add torpedo tubes. You can change how many torps your ship can hold, but you'll still only be able to load two at a time.
dbsmash said Aug 15, 2011 23:31:47
Let me rephrase another question - is there anywhere that summarizes the configs in the vesselData config file? i am very curious what the purpose of the ports, and points are in the various ships...
dbsmash said Aug 15, 2011 23:33:46
Okay, thanks Eric. That is what I was wondering.
LeeKeiserII said Aug 16, 2011 00:04:50
Hmm... This thread reminded me of the old BattleTech mech-building interfaces and the trade offs for hull-vs-engine-vs-armor-vs-weapons... Would a simplified in-game ship builder be feasible for Artemis where you choose the size of your engine and hull which would affect your your top-speed and acceleration possibly? Bigger (heavier) hulls would have more torpedo tube "slots" available and possibly larger capacities for weapon stores and energy storage?

I remember it was part of the fun tweaking the ship to my style of play. Maybe even adding a cloaking device at a huge weight disadvantage or something... ???
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