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Crew Ranks... just a random thought

posted Aug 09, 2011 11:47:11 by EricWethington
How do you rank your crew as far as experience goes....

I would think something like...

Trainee - first mission... what does this button do?

Ensign - just starting, maybe knows 1 station and has played 1-4 times

Officer- knows 1-3 stations, played with full crew, maybe even fleet maneuvers. Chief officer knows the subtleties of his station

Capt - Knows 4-5 stations, fleet maneuvers, tends to host single ship games. familiar with multiship tactics

Admiral - Usually Online game host, can control multiple ship tactics
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John said Aug 09, 2011 15:11:10
Personally, I'd choose to add a bit of depth to the list.

Trainee: Until you have played each station twice. (For my crew, this includes the Captain's seat. We usually rotate stations at the start of each game.)

Ensign: Comfortable with the operations of each station.

Lieutenant: Good interplay with other stations. More crosstalk is seen at this level. Capable of giving instructions to new members. The beginnings of command level understanding.

Commander: Capable of running multiple stations at the same time Effectively. Able to step into the Captain's shoes on short notice.

Captain: Understanding of tactics, station interplay, multiship coordination.

Admiral: Well versed in multiship coordination and advanced tactics.
EricWethington said Aug 10, 2011 00:08:08
I think a rename Trainee should be someone who has not played (or only a few games). And then Cadet would be as you listed Trainee above....
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John said Aug 10, 2011 14:44:13
I see a "Trainee" as someone who is still in training. That's why I say two passes through each station. The first time through to learn what the controls are and the second to know when and why to use said controls. I agree though that "Trainee" could be replaced with "Cadet" or split, making the first pass through "Trainee" and the second pass "Cadet"
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EricWethington said Aug 10, 2011 23:57:20
So after defining the rankings, where does your crew sit in reality (not where they want to be or call themselves :)

Crew of the "Jimi-Saru"
I am still at Captain level (but may be able to pull off admiral if needed).
Steve - Commander
John - Ensign almost Lieutenant
Jim - Cadet
Josh - Cadet
Allie - Trainee almost Cadet
Kim - Cadet
"... ooops!"
Last words of Captain Phour Phazier Phred from Phremont
John said Aug 15, 2011 00:57:57
John - Commander (nearly Captain)
Michael - Commander (nearly Captain)
Jill - Commander (nearly Captain)
Owen - Lieutenant (leaning strong on Commander but prefers a single station)
Mary - Ensign (prefers a single station)
About half a dozen others that have dropped in once or twice, most of which are at Trainee or Cadet level.
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