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Game on!!!

posted Aug 07, 2011 17:40:24 by chris.hall225
Artemis 1701 will be on Saturday 8/13/11 at 5:00 eastern time. Anyone wanting to join emial (
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EricWethington said Aug 07, 2011 21:03:39
If I had caught the topic earlier, I was training a Ensign in Weapons and had a new Cadet that was training in NAV. I may be flying some more training missions with possible 1-2 ships (7-10 people) in the next week or so.

Capt Eric Wethington
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jrwhitmore82 said Aug 19, 2011 04:09:34
***begin transmission***

TO: all available ships
RE: sector patrol

This is a flash message to all available Artemis ships. Artemis-1701 will be departing space dock on 08/20/11 (this saturday) @ precisely 1700 eastern standard time to patrol entire front line sector for possible enemy incursion. Our comms officer has intercepted and decoded enemy transmission detailing a double front assault into friendly territory that must be halted at all costs. Assistance from any Artemis ships in that sector will help to tip the scales in our favour. Send flash message to Capt. FutileChas @ if you can assist. Freedom must prevail.

Cmdr Arch
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Comms Officer 1st Class

***end transmission***
Vorus said Nov 07, 2011 01:33:59
Can I observe?
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