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Re: assigning variables - maybe I'm missing something...

posted Aug 02, 2011 19:34:05 by tallasse
Is there any sort of assignment operator?

I managed to get most of the way through a serious gameplay addition to our house mod before I realized I don't know if I can assign a variable value to an object.

Is it possible to do something like this?

<set_variable name="start_X" value="50000"/>
<set_variable name="start_Z" value="50000"/>
<create name="Artemis" type="player" x="start_X" y="0" z="start_Z" angle="270"/>


<set_variable name="random_shipZ" randomIntLow="20000" randomIntHigh="80000"/>
<set_variable name="new_shipZ" value="random_shipZ"/>
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5th_Wall_Gaming said Aug 03, 2011 14:39:17
No. I already brought this up and hopefully Thom will add it soon. For now, you can use the "rolls" to do a compare with an if statement for branching logic.
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tallasse said Aug 03, 2011 15:56:34
Oof. Artemis is ridiculously fun with a room full of people, but I think I'm gonna take a break from scripting for a while until there's a couple more features. I'm already bogged down in conditional hell.
5th_Wall_Gaming said Aug 03, 2011 16:17:34

If I didn't have to complete a script for an upcoming convention where we are running this, then I would do the same. :)
We make dreams reality
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