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Turning the other way...

posted Jul 27, 2011 05:44:52 by 5th_Wall_Gaming

<set_object_property name="Artemis" property="Steering" value=".6"/>

Gives me a nice arching turn. But when I do this..

<set_object_property name="Artemis" property="Steering" value="0"/>

It doesn't level me off like I think it would. It actually steers me even more to the left.

I tried putting a -.6 in there to tell it to steer to the right. No dice. It seems to ignore the minus sign.

So how does this work specifically?
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ThomRobertson said Jul 27, 2011 17:01:48
Okay, first off, all these script keywords are case sensitive, and the keyword you want to use is "steering".

I'm looking at the code, and I don't seem to have anything that stops a number based on boundaries...

Creator of Artemis
5th_Wall_Gaming said Jul 27, 2011 17:03:29
Steering actually works (in the fact that it DOES turn the ship).

So basically, what I am wondering is.. How do you use it?

What is the number range for the value for this keyword?
What is "Level Off and fly straight"?
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