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Failed to load mission file. Directory and filename mismatch?

posted Jul 27, 2011 01:27:56 by 5th_Wall_Gaming
I get this error when I try to run my script now. All the audio files I'm calling are in the directory..

What EXACTLY does this mean and where should I look for the error?
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5th_Wall_Gaming said Jul 27, 2011 01:33:07
As a side note, the script seems to be running fine. I just get the error.
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Vorus said Jul 27, 2011 02:53:10
I would say that the folder and the mission file are probably not named exactly the same. That's what the error sounds like it's saying to me.
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5th_Wall_Gaming said Jul 27, 2011 03:13:49
That's what I though it was as well, but I confirmed it was named the same.

In fact, I haven't changed the name at all since I first started creating it.

The error came up when I put in this code.

<set_timer name="Credits_1" seconds="20"/>
<set_timer name="Credits_2" seconds="30"/>
<set_timer name="Credits_3" seconds="40"/>
<set_timer name="Credits_4" seconds="50"/>
<set_timer name="Credits_5" seconds="60"/>
<set_timer name="Credits_6" seconds="70"/>
<set_timer name="Credits_7" seconds="80"/>
<set_timer name="Credits_8" seconds="90"/>

<event name="Credits_1">
<if_timer_finished name="Credits_1"/>
<big_message title="Wish you were here" subtitle1="written by 5th Wall Gaming"/>

<event name="Credits_2">
<if_timer_finished name="Credits_2"/>
<big_message title="Starring"/>

<event name="Credits_3">
<if_timer_finished name="Credits_3"/>
<big_message title="John Doe" subtitle1="as the Helm Officer"/>

<event name="Credits_4">
<if_timer_finished name="Credits_4"/>
<big_message title="Jane Doe" subtitle1="as the Weapons Officer"/>

<event name="Credits_5">
<if_timer_finished name="Credits_5"/>
<big_message title="James Doe" subtitle1="as the Communications Officer"/>

<event name="Credits_6">
<if_timer_finished name="Credits_6"/>
<big_message title="Jack Doe" subtitle1="as the Science Officer"/>

<event name="Credits_7">
<if_timer_finished name="Credits_7"/>
<big_message title="Julia Doe" subtitle1="as the Engineering Officer"/>

<event name="Credits_8">
<if_timer_finished name="Credits_8"/>
<big_message title="Jhonathan Doe" subtitle1="as the Captain"/>

Yes, I know I need to set variables to make the title credits on the screen stay.

I since removed the lines of code and it still does it.
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Parias said Jul 27, 2011 04:34:29
Yeah, this is actually a little beef I have with scripting... this occurs to me all the time when I've screwed up a line of code somewhere. The "mismatch" message is misleading because it can also simply mean the game's having trouble completely parsing your script for some reason, not necessarily that there's a file name problem.

I might be missing it somewhere, but is there some way to turn on an additional debug layer that will show exactly what it's having trouble with? I always end up consuming a ton of time trying to track down that one little typo that can cause this.
5th_Wall_Gaming said Jul 27, 2011 05:14:14
Thanks for the tip that it might be an error with the code.

<if distance name1="Artemis" name2="USS Kobiashi Maru" comparator=">" value="5000"/>

I tracked it down to that. :) Part of the away mission code. Despite what the docs say, ">" is not valid. Use LESS or LESS_EQUAL.
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5th_Wall_Gaming said Jul 27, 2011 05:16:06
and I misspoke. :) No underscore for "if_distance".
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ThomRobertson said Jul 27, 2011 17:01:37
I'm really sorry if I left this out of the docs, but when you're working on a script, you can press F7 on the server repeatedly to get a set of useful debug screens.
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5th_Wall_Gaming said Jul 27, 2011 17:05:27
OMG this is great! :) Thanks Thom. Any chance it can be something that scrolls for those of us with over 50 variables (Yes, I'm serious)?
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Mike_Substelny said Jul 27, 2011 18:28:11
I'd like that, too. My mission scripts have more variables and timers than can fit on the screen. Fortunately I can usually re-jigger my script to get the things I need to see to float to the top.
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Parias said Jul 27, 2011 18:32:24
Sweet mother of Babylon, that's awesome. Thanks for the heads up on this one, Thom!
ThomRobertson said Jul 27, 2011 18:44:52
Again, I'm so sorry I didn't properly document this feature before.

I'll find a way to display more on screen; most likely, I'll just use the arrow up and down to scroll through the list.
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