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posted Jul 24, 2011 05:29:09 by 5th_Wall_Gaming
Allow for modules to be loaded as an include.

For example..

<include value="AwayMission.xml">

will load that and put it into the code. This will allow for "Plugins" to be developed and keep the main code clean. If there is start variables in the module, also run those at start. So if I want to include the away teams (or the random space noise module I'm working on), then I just need to "include" the code and not have to have it in my main code and make it all messy. :)
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ThomRobertson said Jul 24, 2011 17:06:03
That's a great idea. Implementing might not be very easy, though. I'm using TinyXML
to load the xml file in as one big chunk, then parse it.
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5th_Wall_Gaming said Jul 24, 2011 17:27:49
Hrm... That does pose an issue..

Would it be easier perhaps to allow for scripts called "Plugin_*.xml" to be loaded when they are defined by the artemis.xml to be loaded in like you do with the vesseldata.xml and so on.. Load them at startup and allow the mission to "call" them since they are already in memory?

Either that or Make a new tag called <Plugin name="Away Team"> that I could use to define the plugin block perhaps? So I can have Eclipse automatically treat it as a comment and close it on the IDE end?
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