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Ensign seeking crew

posted Jul 21, 2011 22:36:58 by aardwolfgen
Hi all,
I've tried the demo, and just bought the game to check out the other stations.
However, I have yet to actually play with people, and that's pretty much the core of the game.
I would most likely be unable to join people physically, but I'm more than willing to participate in any mission via the web.
I have Skype, Mumble, Steam, TeamSpeak and Ventrilo all installed and ready to be used, any needed program will be installed.

I have yet to seriously try any stations, so I can fill any spots a crew need; except Captain.
So, if you're missing an officer or want to start a crew, just contact me! Leave a response here or contact me via email (aardwolfgen (at), MSN (gencyfur (at), Steam (darextoovir) or Skype (UNSC.Command))

Looking forward to trying this simulator for real!
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JakeErdmann said Jul 21, 2011 23:32:39
I'm a damn good tactician and a pro engineer, more than willing to talk via my terrible built-in mic and host (I use a high-end laptop that should be able to work as server). I'll add you on steam (I'm OddDreams101)
EricWethington said Jul 22, 2011 00:47:52
Keep an eye on the "Artemis 1701 calling other Artemis players...." topic.

The "Artemis 1701" and the "Jimi Saru" have flown missions together via internet and Teamspeak. The "Artemis 1701" is based out of MI, with an engineer from overseas (UK). and the "Jimi Saru" is from Brunswick, OH (just south of Cleveland)

While the "Jimi Saru" is out of commission this week due to "shore leave" by her captain. She will again report for duty by July 30th.

Capt. Eric W. of the "Jimi Saru"
"... ooops!"
Last words of Captain Phour Phazier Phred from Phremont
Zone51 said Aug 05, 2011 22:18:37
i may need a crew too but if you have dual screens aka one for the workstation and one for a full screen skype video call ; )
well be able to work together and get a crew working remember well have to name the ship first
Chef Engineer
Artemis Class Cruiser "Shiranui"
''shiranui is the last ship left to defend a colony transported from earth to unknown parts of the universe fighting an unknown enemy and their 5 generals being captured, all is left alive and not captured is the Chef engineer Zone''
EricWethington said Aug 06, 2011 03:36:41
Keep an eye on the Artemis 1701 topic. They are flying this weekend, I think. If not I know they should be flying Aug 13th. The "Jimi-Saru" will try to make it that weekend and fly with them.

Capt Eric Wethington
Artemis Class Cruiser "Jimi-Saru"
"... ooops!"
Last words of Captain Phour Phazier Phred from Phremont
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