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Engineer seeking crew

posted Jul 21, 2011 21:07:48 by JakeErdmann
I was at Conneticon and played this game for most of the time I was there. If any crews need an Engineer I'm willing to serve
My Email is if you are interested
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EricWethington said Jul 22, 2011 00:43:58
Keep an eye on the "Artemis 1701 calling other Artemis players...." topic.

The "Artemis 1701" and the "Jimi Saru" have flown missions together via internet and Teamspeak. The "Artemis 1701" is based out of MI, with an engineer from overseas (UK). and the "Jimi Saru" is from Brunswick, OH (just south of Cleveland)

While the "Jimi Saru" is out of commission this week due to "shore leave" by her captain. She will again report for duty by July 30th.

Capt. Eric W. of the "Jimi Saru"
"... ooops!"
Last words of Captain Phour Phazier Phred from Phremont
GeorgeDennington said Aug 13, 2011 14:42:38
me and my crew always need an engineer because it is always empty

captain of the of the ss_blueflame
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