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posted Jul 20, 2011 16:32:41 by 5th_Wall_Gaming
Allow for IF statements to check for "Last Key Pressed". This will allow me to make events that activate when the keyboard detects a specific key.

Heck, I'll make my own GM screen at that point. :)
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TreChipman said Jul 20, 2011 19:37:34
Good idea, but it'll have to have a Station argument, too, or anyone could trigger the event.

I'm thinking that could work out pretty well-- you could do an event with a 10 second timer and a warning_popup_message like "Press C to Vent Plasma Coolant" with a conditional on the C keypress event that stops mission failure if the timer expires, or potentially override keypresses in the game (e.g. Go to warp at this point in the mission and you'll blow up!).

The downside to all this, of course, is that I've already purchased touch screens for 4 out of my 5 stations specifically so I can GET RID OF KEYBOARDS :P.
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5th_Wall_Gaming said Jul 20, 2011 22:25:59
The Keypress can be used on only the main screen to permit the GM to do things.
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