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Sharing Complete Missions

posted Apr 28, 2011 17:51:59 by Mike_Substelny

I whipped up a quick Google Site for sharing my mission scripts. Click here to visit the site. Right now the Shakedown Cruise is the only mission, but I have more in the pipeline. Click here to see writeups of the Shakedown Cruise and the next eight mission scripts that I have in development.


Thom, does this website offer a way to share more than a script? Within a week I would like to be able to share a complete MISS_ folder, including OGG files for incoming communications. I that I can upload an image to the forum, but what about a zipped folder?

There is probably an FTP solution but I'm not aware of it.
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john.oconnell said Jul 08, 2011 02:05:51
Hey folks,

I'm pretty excited about this game and although I don't have the talents to make missions to share, I saw this thread and figured this was something I can help with.

Please come check out this site. Its (I hope) fully ready for use as a place where people can upload mission scripts and mods for the game, rate them, and give feedback on the missions to creators and other players.

I hope people will come check it out!
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