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High School Level Competition

posted Apr 06, 2011 02:38:38 by PalmdaleHsFalconTech
I wanted to first start this topic by thanking Thom Robertson for his creation and its future success.

I ran into Artemis completely by accident while on youtube, and was so excited by its potential that I brought it over to my school. I am a high school teacher, teaching in computer science and design. I introduced the game to my game development course with hopes of being able to play with it as a project. It received such great reception above my expectation, we decided to purchase the full version.

I host an after school competitive video game club where student teams of five different game genres compete against other schools. We started a pilot program under the former CGS and Fatal1ty to realize this as an after-school program at the national level. Starting next year, this project along other special video game projects will be showcased and opened to the public for adoption.

I see great potential with Artemis being among these projects. All these projects use video games as the vehicle to achieve teamwork, competition, and towards STEM principles (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). Given your blessing, I would like to start the planning phases to adopt Artemis as an after-school project. Whether this is just to develop a handbook for high school clubs or as an national level competitive model.

In the few days I have seen Artemis in the hands of students, I see many educational innovations. I am planning on seeking and writing out grants towards funding this project to become a reality. Given this opportunity of receiving such a grant, I hope to help towards funding Artemis for continuous development.

As in all great projects, the support of the community will be key and hope that we can get support and feedback.

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edmundrw said Apr 06, 2011 11:03:17
How exciting, I'd love to hear more
Mike_Substelny said Apr 11, 2011 15:14:37
I think this is a wonderful idea. Artemis has a unique way of creating a team that few games can match. In most games success comes from skill and experience (sometimes superior hardware) and newbies get pwned or relegated to unimportant duties. But in Artemis the roles played at each station are different yet equally essential. After many hours of playing I've never seen a game won by the effort of any single player. Success comes from the team.
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