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Science page on the wiki got hacked??

posted Jan 27, 2011 21:01:25 by LeeKeiserII
Is there a backup of the Science page for the wiki? Looks like it got hacked somehow..
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ThomRobertson said Feb 02, 2011 04:06:38
Grrr! I was afraid that might happen! Sigh. I'll find another option soon.
Creator of Artemis
Voidkraken said Feb 04, 2011 09:50:29
Does the existing wiki have the option to change to a user access controlled method for editing pages? If so, then we of the community could sign up for access, a trusted few could be potentially given moderator style access to approve or remove users rights to edit, and then there should be enough control over the entry of data to pages to prevent this happening again while not requiring your supervision of access 24/7? Alternatively, I believe there are a few free basic wikis out there which do allow this kind of access control (although I'd assume installing and configuring anything else would take more time for you :( )
John said Feb 06, 2011 06:31:18
I don't mean to sound AntiWiki, but isn't it just repeating what we hash out here? The people who know what they're talking about are already members here and making some great posts (or at least following along). Is there any proof that a Wiki (in general) will bring in more traffic and prospective players?
Voidkraken said Feb 06, 2011 10:45:00
I'm never a fan of wasting work if it's not needed, but I do think that a wiki - or something else which brings together the useful information from the forum posts into one place - will help defragment that kind of quality information from experienced players into one easier to search location, the kind of information a new player will want to read on a topic will all be more logically linked together to the basic section they are reading.

As a new player myself, I've run into it - and I have the spare time to try and trawl the forums for the hidden tidbits beyond the obvious useful posts, the kind of stuff that every experienced player doesn't normally mention because they've known and used it for so long, or the kind of stuff that is only mentioned once when someone asks a specific question...and that's what something like a wiki "solves". While whe information on advanced tactics, subtleties of each station, even details on what each server setting really relates to for setting it up, are likely all out there across various posts in the community - but it's the fragmentation of that information which obfuscates it to newer users, requiring a significant investiture in time to find it all, if they can find it at all because they don't know the info exists to search for it. If you already know what you're looking for exists, then it's easier to find related posts, etc, so it doesn't feel to the existing community that there's any difficulty in finding out the extra info.

Having deeper information available easily, beyond the simple quick start instructions, also helps avoid the sort of "idiot" questions that tends to drive an established community crazy when they start getting lots of highly inexperienced users too :) That's all I'm concerned about really, making it easier for those of us coming late to Artemis to absorb more of the knowledge you guys have!
fifedizzle said Feb 10, 2011 07:48:29
As a new player to the game I was disappointed there was no Wiki running. While the forums have some information and the game's F1 screen is not too bad, it would be nice to have detailed information about each station in one spot. The forums seem to have some general information about each station but detailed info of each bar and graph would help a new player a lot. Right now the game is sort of "jump in and click around and hope for the best".

It sounds like the developer is running a one man show (or close to it) so there is a lot to do and not a lot of time to do it in, so props for all that has been done so far.
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