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The week of 11/15/2010

posted Nov 15, 2010 23:09:13 by ThomRobertson
I've worked hard the past 7 days, and I feel V1.1 is almost ready for release. Lots of little things have been fixed/tuned, but the basic gameplay is still exactly the same. The big change is the ability to have more than one Artemis in the game at once, and (if the captains so choose) the player ships can shoot at and destroy each other. A bunch of mid-level network code was completely re-written to allow much better internet performance, and the server now has an option to let you tune the network update rate from 20ms to 500ms (V1.0 locked it at 500ms).

Right now, things like individually controlled torpedo tubes and an overhauled comms station will wait for V1.2, and black holes and space monsters and scripted missions may be pushed to V1.3 .

Thanks for helping me make Artemis great!
Creator of Artemis
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edmundrw said Nov 17, 2010 16:22:46
exciting stuff. Can't wait. Personally don't think BvB is particularly important right now but it's certainly a good thing that it's supported. Please do keep the weekly updates coming.
See about a paypal button too ;)
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