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The week of 11/08/2010

posted Nov 09, 2010 04:32:57 by ThomRobertson
Well, the whole weekend this place was a sick-house. Yuck. But I'm mostly over it, and I got some critical coding done.

I can now use one artemis to shoot and destroy another. I can also have two player ships (controlled by separate bridge stations) work together to destroy enemies.

Nothing about my basic network architecture has changed; players have to connect every client to one server with an IP address. The second ship's main screen is also a client. I've optimized my network traffic a great deal, and I've added no hard limit to the number of clients and ships that are connected.

So, every main screen = one player ship, and the server automatically = a main screen.

I've gotta do some more testing before I'm comfortable saying this all works right; that'll happen over the next several days. However, I've also got lots more changes to make, incorporating many of your great suggestions. Thanks again for helping me grow Artemis into something great.
Creator of Artemis
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