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The server setup screen

posted Oct 30, 2010 02:14:48 by ThomRobertson
I've failed to document the server setup screen so far; here's more information about it.

-- Num Enemies --
This lets you choose how many total enemies attack the sector, between 5 and 50.

-- Diff Level --
This lets you set the difficulty level of the game. The range is 1-5, and the most important consequence of this value is the enemy weapons. The beam strength of the enemy (how much damage your shield takes when it hits you) is equal to this difficulty value. Like your ship, most enemy ships have 2 forward beams, which cycle every 6 seconds.

Diff level also effects (to a small degree) how much your ship consumes energy. Finally, Diff level is a multiplier for your final score.

-- Layout --
THis gives you a choice of how the sector is generated.

Siege layout has all the bases in the middle, minefields ringing the center, and enemies advancing from every angle. Siege makes for a fast game, where stations are continually under threat.

One-front layout has the bases lined up along the right side, and the enemies advancing from the left side. This layout makes a much longer game, with long travel distances. The bases start out far from enemies, but more isolated.

Two-front layout has the bases in a corner, protected by dense minefields while the enemies advance from two sides. This layout (especially with minefields) makes for a complex terrain situation, but isn't as open and long as a one-front layout.

Try them all!

-- Enemy Groups --
This option lets you choose how "clumped" the enemies are. Enemies are much more dangerous when you have to deal with more than one at a time.

-- Enemy Allies --
The Kraliens are the main attacking force, but they have 2 allied races. This option lets you choose what percentage of the attackers are Argonian or Torgoth.

Argonians have stronger shields and turn quicker. Torgoth have much stronger front shields and have a higher top speed.

-- Enemy Commanders --
Each of the three enemy races have Cruisers, Battleships, and Dreadnoughts. This option lets you choose what percentage of the attackers are Battleships, and Dreadnoughts.

-- Mine Fields --
This option lets you choose how many mine fields protect your bases. Remember, these mines are visible to you but not the enemy. However, they will explode in proximity to any ship, and will do more damage the closer the ship is.

-- Nebulas --
This option lets you choose how many nebulas clutter the map. Enemies in nebulas do not show on the main screen's tactical or LRS displays. However, nebulas are worse for the enemy sensors. While inside a nebula, you remain invisible to enemies until you get very close.

-- Anomalies --
Anomalies are pieces of space junk that contain energy. Only the science station can detect anomalies. Using her station, the science officer can guide the Artemis into visual range of an anomaly, and the helms officer can move close enough to collect the energy.

-- Time Left --
This option allows crews to set a time limit on their mission. If the mission reaches its time limit, the game is over. IF all enemies are destroyed (or retreated) when time's up, a score multiplier is added to the final score.

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