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Server hotkeys

posted Oct 30, 2010 17:11:54 by ThomRobertson
Muerte posted about how he was able to make crazy things happen by mashing some keys on the server/main screen computer, and wondered why.

He found my testing debug keys, which (needless to say) aren't supposed to be pressed during normal play. In fact, I wonder why Muerte was pressing those keys at all; the server/main screen computer isn't supposed to be a station. No one should be "at" its keyboard during play. But currently, those keys are:

a - damages your shields and systems
b - damages your systems to 50%
c - kills the artemis
d - kills all enemies

Again, these are debug hotkeys in Version 1.00, and aren't supposed to be part of normal play. In fact, I'll remove them in future versions.
Creator of Artemis
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Mixolyde said Nov 01, 2010 03:00:59
Just set a command line flag to start up with them allowed, like -debug-keys or something, so you can keep using them for testing without users knowing about it. Unless you want them to have it for their own testing.
"Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity." - Hanlon's Razor
brodbset said Nov 01, 2010 18:02:07
I agree with Mixolyde. This is the sort of functionality which could be built into the GM/Admiral option that people want. This way, the GM could simulate, say, a "cascading systems failure," in order to prompt the crew to make some hard decisions about which systems to prioritize and such. (Personally, I like imagining Artemis as being a simulator along the lines of the one used for Starfleet Academy's Kobayashi Maru test).
Mixolyde said Nov 01, 2010 19:32:49
Or use it to disable a friendly ship that the crew has to go rescue/protect/escort.
"Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity." - Hanlon's Razor
Muerte said Nov 04, 2010 00:38:24
In case you are wondering how I discovered them, it was my 1 year old son who found them. He really likes keyboards. I simply keep probing until I figured out what some of the keys were. :)
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