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Calling all bridge crews!

posted Oct 27, 2010 04:45:46 by ThomRobertson
This forum is for crews. Announce your crew. Relate your crew's adventures and achievements. Talk smack on other crews' "garbage scows".

But don't come alone. Bring your crew.
Creator of Artemis
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wise.deep22 said Oct 27, 2010 07:19:30
Me and my friends only discovered this a few minutes ago. We're spreading it around right now, and we're gonna play this weekend.
And I've got to say, this looks AWESOME!
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MaxVoshall said Oct 28, 2010 18:01:58
The crew of the USS moses is totally assembling. Hopefully we'll have a video up in the next week, because we don't have 60 dollars between us. poor college students eh?
sclanders said Oct 29, 2010 08:17:52
A South African take on bridge chaos...
edmundrw said Nov 01, 2010 20:34:45
Me and my friends will be undoubtedly picking this up in a couple of weeks. I can't wait. I'll post some feedback once the 6 of us have had a Saturday on it
Rubicon said Nov 01, 2010 20:51:44
The U.S.S. Shenanigans has launched as a tiny Artemis-class ship. We'll see how this turns out.
cedarstreet said Nov 02, 2010 18:58:55
We had a grand time last night on the USS Mutiny. I never realized how DIFFICULT it is for people to mind their own business. It's kind of funny that because so many games try to elevate the individual, trying to get people to focus on being a unique part of something larger is something they can't do :D We had people taking over other stations, ignoring the captain and raising/lowering shields, jumping in/out of warp, etc. CHAOS!
Mixolyde said Nov 04, 2010 15:43:36
Sounds like you need a brig to throw your insubordinate players into! Or an airlock...
"Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity." - Hanlon's Razor
PhilipMichael said Nov 06, 2010 23:40:45
A friend and I are going to try the demo around Thanksgiving. Hopefully the free game offer will still be going because we have plans for a pretty sweet video to be made.
LumpyGravy said Nov 07, 2010 11:05:48
Heya been recruiting crew and spreading the word about this sim!
Have had great luck using Skype & Ventrillo for voice and playing with others over the net remotely. Working an a few ideas for everyone to watch a broadcast of the main view screen at the same time they run their consoles.
Have the video up of my first flight as helmsman but plan on uploading more videos ASAP!
edmundrw said Nov 11, 2010 14:00:45
Got friends coming round tomorrow for our first game. Can't wait
Robert-Howard said Nov 18, 2010 05:20:55
Discovered the game 3 hours ago - 2 hours ago played the demo with my wife and a friend and LOVED IT.

Purchased immediately after that and coordinating a full bridge crew event this weekend.

It's going to be great!

Sytec said Nov 18, 2010 23:35:45
Captain McLoven

Helm Jacke

Weapons Nicolas
wurmouroboros said Nov 28, 2010 22:09:51
Starship Bec-de-Corbin Guisarme has launched from spacedock PDX and is patrolling in the area of the Spinward DMZ.

2010-11-27 v1.1demo - crew of four (rotating captains and stations) and played 4 missions, mostly easy ones
2010-11-28 v1.1full - crew of four (rotating captains and stations) and played 4-5 missions with 15 enemies
2010-12-19 v1.2full - crew of four-six (rotating captains and stations) and played 6-7 missions on difficulties 3/4 and once at 10
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pearsonsmith said Nov 29, 2010 05:46:03
Tried out the Demo Saturday.
My friends and I are going to get the full version over Winter Break and play.
trechipman said Jan 10, 2011 06:28:34
Got my core crew together tonight, and we had a blast! We're still short a station, but once we've got that filled, I'm confident we'll be a match for anything that gets thrown our way.

So, bring it.
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